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These services are based on client requirement so this will be decide on email or call. The given quotation will be valid for 15 days only.

For the Subcriptions

Registration services are offered for individual subscribers only. If multiple individuals propose to access the same account or for corporate accounts kindly contact or write in to us. Subscription rates will vary for multiple same time access. The nature and volume of Business Standard content services you consume on the digital platforms will vary according to the type of registration you choose, on the geography you reside or the offer you subscribe to.

a) Free Registration
b) Premium Registration
c) Special Offers
d) Combo registrations with partners

The details of the services and access offered for each account have been listed on

We may in exceptional circumstances cease to provide subscription services. We will give you at least 7 days notice of this, if possible. If we do so, then we will have no further obligation to you