Corporate Video Production

Corporate Video Production

Promotional Videos for your Business or your Brand

Corporate video production refers to audio-visual corporate communications material (such as DVD, High-definition video, streaming video (youtube) or other similar media created primarily for a use by company, corporation or organisation for marketing communication. A Corporate Video is the strongest medium that is capable of appealing to all your senses. It creates a long lasting impact on the viewer’s / customer’s mind. An audio-video film adds a human feel to the presentation due to use of video and voice over synchronization.

Examples of corporate video include staff training videos, safety videos, product demo videos, marketing & promotional/brand films, virtual tour videos, financial results films, etc.

Advantages Of Making a Corporate Film or an Audio – Video Based Marketing Presentation

  • Corporate films offer brilliant integration of audio and visual medium of communication
  • They are accessible to people via common mediums like television, internet, DVDs and VCDS. Such corporate films are a great tool to give insight on existing services/products to new or potential clients.
  • These films can be used to launch new services/products into the market
  • They offer great flexibility in terms of manipulating images, sound effects, lighting, textual content and range of language.
  • Unlike Power Point Presentations, corporate films are not bound by written textual language. The same video can be offered in different languages thereby making it accessible to a larger market without having to invest cost in redoing it.
  • Moving images always have a greater impact as opposed to still graphics. A corporate film can work as a strong resource in seminars, conferences, introduction for meetings, exhibition stands or merely as a ‘run-in-the-background’ movie in reception/lobby areas

Producing a remarkable video for your company shouldn’t be daunting. It takes work, it takes time, but it can be done. Quality and professionalism are two major features which most people ignore while hiring a company for making their corporate film. We at OMFiNiTiVE, Ahmedabad, India do not compromise on quality when it comes to making a promotional film for your brand. OMFiNiTiVE corporate films workforce has experienced script writers, directors, video editors and post production technicians to give a professional shape your film.